Use of Horsetail counters Osteoporosis

A recent research has concluded that Horsetail counters osteoporosis. Let us look at the details of the herb and the medical condition as below:

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease which is related to the bones. It’s a medical condition where the bones become very brittle and fragile in nature. The bones start becoming thin and become very weak in nature. This makes you physically weak, since even a minor fall can cause your bones to break or crack.

In osteoporosis, the pores in the bones become larger and thereby the density of the bones get lost.

Weakening of bones

Causes of osteoporosis

The main reasons for the cause of osteoporosis include deficiency of Vitamin D or Calcium. In some people, the hormonal changes also cause this problem. It also occurs as we get aged. Women are more at risk of getting osteoporosis when compared to males.

The Damaging effects of osteoporosis

Following are some of the ill-effects of osteoporosis:

  • Osteoporosis makes you more at risk of breaking your bones.
  • You tend to lose weight
  • Becoming weak in nature
  • In some people, it causes a loss of height
  • It may cause you to become stooped
  • Makes difficult to carry out the daily activities
  • Causes a feeling of depression

What is horsetail herb?

The horsetail herb (Botanical Name: Equisetum Arvense) is a slender and elongated in appearance which is similar to the tail of the horse. Hence it is called as horsetail. The herb contains a lot of silicon and some practitioners consider horsetail as one of top herbs.

The herb, Horsetail counters osteoporosis and has been found to be a very useful herbal medicine.

Equisetum Arvense

The Health benefits of horsetail herb

The herb has been researched by a number of scientists around the world. Many scientists have listed the long details of the benefits of the horsetail herb. Some of its medicinal properties include being antimicrobial in nature and having anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a strong antioxidant.

How Horsetail Counters Osteoporosis

The horsetail herb has the capability to make the bones stronger. It also solidifies the boned and makes it harder. The herb has also been found to cure the damaging effects which are caused by osteoporosis.

The herb is diuretic in nature and has the capability to expel the waste from the body. The herb has been used to cure kidney problems, for bleeding problems, and for treating ulcers and wounds.

All parts of the herb that grows above the ground have medicinal value and can be consumed.

The right medicine for osteoporosis

It has been found that when organic silicon is consumed in large quantities, the osteoporosis gets cured very faster. Since horsetail herbs contain a huge amount of silicon, it has been proven to be the right medicine for osteoporosis.

Those suffering from osteoporosis can consume the herb which is available either in powder form or in liquid form. You can consume about 300 mg of the herb 2 to 3 times a day on a daily basis. Its often good to prepare a syrup of the herb by boiling the herb in water, filtering and then consuming it.

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